Oracle Self-Service Integration
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Oracle Self-Service Integration
Oracle Self-Service Integration
Detect events that occur in SurveyMonkey such as contact or collector created or survey submitted by a respondent.
Execute actions against SurveyMonkey such as create contact, contact group, or collector.
Select from a catalog of public recipes that can be used immediately or customized to your specific business requirements.

Oracle Self-Service Integration provides recipe-style automation using triggers and actions with the ability to apply conditionals and looping logic, all done through an intuitive interface designed for the business user.

Oracle Self-Service Integration offers a number of triggers that detect events in SurveyMonkey or actions that execute commands on SurveyMonkey, allowing the business user to create automation around SurveyMonkey. Explore our catalog of pre-built recipes with SurveyMonkey or create a whole new recipe suited to your exact needs.


  • Detect when a survey has been created.
  • Detect when a collector has been created.
  • Detect when a collector has been closed.
  • Detect when a response has been submitted.
  • Detect when a survey has been completed and retrieve response detail. 


  • Create an email collector.
  • Create a weblink collector.
  • Create a contact.
  • Create a contact group.