Get compliant & stay compliant with complex data privacy laws.
Discover personal user data
AI that pre-classifies categories of personal data
Automatically summarize user data with data subject access requests
Enterprise level role based access controls

Osano is the leading data privacy platform, trusted by thousands of companies around the world. Osano enables companies to quickly comply with complicated laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD. This integration allows Osano to connect to, identify, and map the personal data stored within Surveymonkey. The use of this integration requires an Osano account with the data discovery feature enabled for your account.

SurveyMonkey + Osano Integration Benefits

  • Osano's AI will pre-classify categories of personal data, making it easy to understand what personal data you store in SurveyMonkey
  • Save up to dozens of hours by performing User Searches across all your integrations to quickly compile a summary of a user's personal data. Admins will no longer need to log into SurveyMonkey to manually summarize user's personal data when Data Subject Access Requests are submitted. 

How it works

  • Once Osano is connected to SurveyMonkey, Osano will read data from SurveyMonkey api endpoints
  • Then Osano's AI will classify fields
  • After Osano finishes syncing with 

Integration Walkthrough

  • To connect to SurveyMonkey, log into SurveyMonkey
  • Now log in to my.osano.com
  • Click the left menu button for Data Discovery
  • Click the + button at the bottom right corner to Add New Provider
  • Select SurveyMonkey from the dropdown
  • Type a Provider Name (eg. SurveyMonkey)
  • Click Add Provider
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to grant  Osano the appropriate permissions
  • Osano will sync with SurveyMonkey and pre-classify categories of personal data
  • Click on SurveyMonkey to open the connection details
  • Classify any fields our AI was unable to pre-classify