A worldwide survey
- let's make a worldwide view of living meaningful lives without having children

Are you living without kids by choice, chance or circumstance?
My name is Karin Rahbek, and this survey is part of my research for an upcoming book. I would love to hear about your personal experiences and considerations about this topic. Please, make a statement and join my journey to make a worldwide view of diversities and similarities in the life-changing aspects of living a meaningful life without having children.

Why I want to bring this book into the world
Many times when I have read or listened to an interview or a personal story on the topic of not having children, someone will say something that affects me or resonates so deeply with me that I have to write it down. It's about time we draw attention to the unspoken joys and challenges, and the cultural stigmas that still in different ways make this lifestyle a challenge around the world. We need to speak up and show that we, too, can and will make meaningful contributions to the world. We just do it in other ways than becoming a parent.
Who is invited to contribute?
Everyone who does not have and don't expect to have children of their own in the future either by choice, chance or circumstance. Both men and women of any age are welcome to participate in the survey. Regardless of where you live in the world and what your situation is (married, in a relationship, single, widowed, gay, straight or whatever), you are invited to contribute with your insights and tell your story about this topic. 

The only thing is that you have to be willing to be quoted in the book with your name (or pseudonym if you prefer that), age, city (or state) and country.

How do you contribute?
Every page in my questionnaire has its own subject of matter. You are welcome to answer all the questions you find relevant or only choose the ones that really resonate with you.

Let your personality shine. Show the depth of your serious considerations, or answer with a hint of humor, if that's who you are. Share as much as you want. You can answer a question by writing an essay, if you like, or just make short statement pieces. It's entirely up to you. Please answer the questions from your own personal view. If you don't want to answer a question, please leave it blank. You have to write in English.  

If you would like to contribute with your personal story, but don't want to do it by answering the questionnaire, you are also welcome to send your personal comments or story to my email: social@wibergmail.dk.