Hi there,
and welcome to the Wolt Courier Partner Test!
In the following test you will answer a few questions and see if you qualify for the Wolt Partner Introduction session.
Why this test? 
We receive hundreds of Courier Partner applications each month and as Wolt is committed to delivering great customer experience, we only enter partnerships with applicants who live up to our service level standards. We are engaging with Courier Partners that demonstrate great skills in communication, precision, efficiency and customer service among others. 
Before taking this test, we really recommend you to do a little research, by going through all the available information regarding delivering with Wolt right here: https://wolt.com/introduction/copenhagen - here you'll be able to find the right answers for multiple questions from this test.

Make sure to be thoughtful, precise and honest while answering the questions below. You will only have one chance at filling out this test.
Good luck!

Firstly, let us know how old you are?

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* 1. Firstly, let us know how old you are?