Hello - and welcome to the Wolt Courier Partner Test!
In the following test you will answer a few questions and be one step closer to becoming a Wolt Courier Partner.

Why work with Wolt?
Partnering with Wolt offers a flexible way to create  income for anyone with a bike, scooter or a car. Pick your desired transportation and start discovering the city, while delivering delicious food to great people. You decide how much you earn, by delivering when you want.
The average earnings of a Wolt Courier Partner in Denmark is more than 130 DKK pr. delivery-hour
Why this test? 
Wolt is committed to delivering a great customer experiences, therefore we strive to partner up with people who demonstrate great skills in communication, precision, efficiency and customer service, among others.

By passing this test you're granted access to the Wolt Partner Intro to receive the necessary training to become a Wolt Courier Partner. You'll receive notice of wether you passed the test or not, shortly after taking the test, as well as more information about how to sign up for the Partner Intro, if you passed. 

We are happy you have found your way to Wolt and we're looking forward to a possible partnership. 
Note you need to be 18 years old to be a Wolt Courier Partner.
The test consist of 6 basic background questions and 12 test questions. The average completion time for this test is 7 minutes.
Good luck!

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