1. Background: The GAVI Alliance Supply Chain Strategy (Survey TWO of THREE)

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Recognizing the importance of in country health supply chains to meet their aims, the GAVI Alliance partners have developed a supply chain strategy to increase investment in supply chains, coordinate global activities on the issue, and ensure that more children receive the vaccines they need. The four components of the strategy include: Cold Chain, Equipment, Data Management and People and Practice, with System Design as a crosscutting theme.

Within the People and Practice component of the strategy, the development of immunization supply chain leaders has been identified as a key activity and the development of a Competency Framework for health supply chain leadership an initial key requirement. The activity is being lead by the People that Deliver Initiative with help from UPS, UNICEF and other GAVI partners.

It is envisaged that this competency framework for supply chain leaders would be relevant across all health supply chains including vaccines.