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A quick poll? In-depth market research? Here’s how to survey your target market with SurveyMonkey Audience.

1. Pick your audience

Add screener questions to your survey so you reach the right people. And choose from demographic attributes including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Region
  • Income
  • Job Status
  • Marital Status
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2. Send your survey

Use one of our survey templates or easily create your own to get answers to questions like:

  • How recognizable is my brand?
  • Who are my biggest competitors?
  • Will my new product succeed in the market?
  • Which one of my creative ideas drives purchase intent?

3. Analyze your results

Collect survey responses and discover insights with our analysis tools, making data-driven decisions with:

  • Real-time results
  • Text analysis
  • Excel and SPSS exports
  • Custom reporting
  • Filter and cross-tabbing
Analyzing survey results

DIY market research validates business ideas fast

"The results we got from SurveyMonkey Audience were foundational to building and envisioning the future of this company. SurveyMonkey just makes it really easy and it’s so small-team-friendly."

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Survey your target market today

Get real-time feedback from around the world in minutes.

Not ready to pick your audience?

How does the SurveyMonkey Audience global consumer panel work? It is the fastest, easiest Do-It-Yourself market research solution, and you can put it to work for you in 3 simple steps.

First, pick your audience: Target your desired respondents by demographics, consumer behavior, geography, and more. Use screening questions and survey logic to guarantee relevant results.

Second, send your survey: You can launch your projects automatically and on your schedule, then monitor them 24/7—SurveyMonkey Audience is always on.

Finally, watch your results roll in in minutes and start analyzing them to turn your insights into action and grow your business.

SurveyMonkey Audience enables you to buy survey responses in more than 100 countries and gets you instant feedback for all sorts of research projects: ad testing, product development, content marketing, brand tracking, consumer behavior, investment research, crisis management, and more.

You can easily manage your research budget with Audience Credits, choose from multiple payment options, and expedite your survey results choosing Express Delivery at checkout.

Use SurveyMonkey Audience and get global access to Market Powered Data anytime, anywhere.